Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I wanted to introduce myself, before I begin blogging. I have been a frequent poster on wizards.com and an occasional poster on enworld.org. In both cases, I've posted under the name Emerikol and I intend to continue as such. I've found especially on wizards.com that the moderation is excessive and restrains good debate. I do want civil discussion and not name calling. I think wizards goes far further in their moderation.

This blog will be about table top role playing games and related topics. I may review something here or there but I won't primarily be a reviewer.

My goals for this blog are as follows...
1. Provide useful help for new game masters
2. To espouse and promote my own style of gaming.
3. To defend my approach against attacks.

I don't consider my own approach to gaming to be the only viable one. By viable I mean promoting the fun of some group of people while using table top roleplaying rules. I do believe personally, that my own approach is the most fun for me and for others with a similar bent. I think it need ask no apology from any other style. It is a fine style and very fun when done properly. That is part of what this blog will be about. Doing simulation style gaming properly.

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